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Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark Half Day Wilderness Adventure

Float the section of the river below the North Fork that William Clark reconnoitered for three days in August 1805.  Clark reported in the Journal:

“I determuned to delay the party here and with my guide and three men proceed on down to examine if the river comtinued bad or was practicable, I set out with three men directing those left to hunt and fish until my return.  I proceeded on. Sometimes on a Small wolf pafth & at other timesCliming over the rocks for 12 miles . . . The river from the place I left my party to this creek is almost one continued rapid, five verry considerable rapids the passage of either with Canoes is entirely impossible, as the water is Confined between huge Rocks & the Current beeting from one against another for Some distance below . . . Running them would certainly be productive of the loss of some Canoes.”

This was a major turning point in the journey of the Corps of Discovery. After Clark returned to Lewis, and discussed the river they decided to abandon the Salmon and the Corps proceeded up the North Fork on foot and horseback. The Salmon River simply had too many whitewater rapids for them to traverse through safely on their canoes. But this moment signaled a sever decline in the comfort level of the troups. They had hundreds of miles of rugged mountain travel in front of them – through the rapidly approaching winter weather.

Heading up from the Salmon River, towards what is now the Idaho/Montana border, and high pass over the Continental Divide, the Corps of Discovery lost the trail! Hence the name of this mountainous divide, “Lost Trail Pass.”  Clark’s aborted journey down the Salmon River was the only time they had to turn around on their expedition.


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North Fork Guides will take you down the whitewater part of this historic journey. To experience the land routes followed by the Corps check out: Lewis and Clark Adventures.

You too can experience Pine Creek Rapids, the exact spot where Lewis and Clark abandoned this whitewater route to the sea. You’ll experience the wild country surrounding the river and envision it as it was 200 years ago. You’ll see the steep canyon walls that forbade the Corps from any hope of an easy portage around the many rapids.

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Adventure vacation rafting on the Salmon River near the Frank Church Wilderness Area in Idaho.