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Ed Link

Idaho Fishing and RaftingEd Link owns and operates North Fork Guides.  His first year, 1974, he was apprenticed to the most experienced and accomplished rafting and fishing outfitter on the river.  He trained with both sweep boats and oar powered rafts and qualified for a Lead Boatman License that summer.  In 1978 he purchased North Fork Guides and began his own outfitting business specializing in small customized whitewater rafting trips.  After more than a quarter century on the River of No Return, on the edge of the Idaho Wilderness, he is currently one of the most experienced and accomplished outfitters on the river.  In regards to his longevity Ed says, “When I started I had all my hair, all my teeth and my shoulder didn’t ache.”  North Fork Guides prides itself on the quality, not the quantity, of their river trips!

Adventure vacation rafting on the Salmon River / Frank Church Wilderness Area in Idaho.


Whitewater river rafting in the Idaho Wilderness is busy!  Many who book their family rafting vacation on rivers in the American west find their outfitters to be a large corporations which endeavor to run full capacity trips with 25 or more guests on their so-called “Wilderness Vacation.”  While I understand that “good business” sense encourages maximum profits and that recent outfitters are under financial obligations to pay off their new Idaho operation, I do not believe that Wilderness is synonymous with crowds and queues. We enjoy Idaho river rafting away from the crowds.Accordingly, North Fork Guides runs small, custom trips.  Other rafters on the river rarely recognize us as a commercial trip. They will see you as a private family off for a white water rafting trip, or a group of friends from the office fly fishing on the river.  I smile and feel that I’m doing a good job when someone rows past and inquires, “You guys are private, aren’t you?”  that’s the best compliment I could ever receive.There are several high quality, local outfitters still based in Salmon who can give you a similar whitewater rafting experience with a home-town feel.  If my launch dates don’t coincide with yours, please call me and I’ll be glad to recommend my friendly local competitors who can put together a great adventure travel package.


I have operated my whitewater river outfitting business from the North Fork Store since 1975.  It is headquarters, office and meeting place for all of our rafting and fishing trips.  The North Fork Store’s facilities include a cafe, store, motel, post office, Laundromat, campground, RV parking and state liquor store.  They sell fishing licenses and the right tackle for fly fishing, bass or Steelhead fishing. And the North Fork store still has a lot of great advice available to the out of town fishing client.The North Fork Store is the first stop on everyone’s river trip.  Up-to-date information regarding river conditions, water level and the steelhead run is available to both private and commercial trips. 

Ed Link

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